Mastery of Loving
Designed to create the most successful loving relationship for you!

Who is the Mastery of Loving Program designed for, and what do participants learn? How can YOU benefit from being in this Unique, Successful, Powerful program?

1. This program is for women and men who are in a marriage or a committed relationship, and want to enhance and develop their current Loving Relationship to the Highest Level Possible !

2. This is also for those who are single (never married, separated, divorced, or widowed) and have a strong desire to learn and understand the keys to having and Mastering a Successful, Happy, and Loving Relationship !

3. This Program works for those Parents wanting better, easier, and more loving communication with their children. Program participants can enroll as individuals or as couples. Of course, couples who join the program together find that their relationship grows dramatically because both individuals commit to the program as a cohesive unit, and therefore the positive increases in their relationship are exponential !

Past program participants have included Individuals who are between or developing new relationships, couples "in love" and desiring to improve their relationship, couples who are married and challenged or separated due to marital difficulties, and Couples in a very strong Loving Relationships who want theirs to be even more powerful, more loving, and more successful to the Highest Level Possible ! Parents enjoy the remarkable increase in their ability to communicate more effectively to their children.

By participating in the Mastery of Loving Program, you will learn:

* How to MASTER Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind which affect your choice of words, your actions, your feelings and desires within Your Loving Relationship.
* How to MASTER the "Concentric Circle" components of a Loving Relationship !
* Your own specific personal communication choices, your spouse's or partner's communication choices, and How to MASTER those communication strategies that affect your relationship.
* New and Powerful communication choices for Enhancing your relationship and expressing your thoughts and feelings in numerous ways that positively contribute to increasing the JOY in your relationship !
* How to maximize the fact that you have two ears and one mouth, and a total of 5 Senses that are All indispensable in utilizing specific Listening Skills that are crucial for a Successful, Loving Relationship !
* Why this statement is true: "Change your Mind and You Change Your Life" !
* What integration of resources means for Creating the Most Powerful Successful Loving Relationship !
* What it means to "collapse reality" and how that will dramatically alter and enhance your relationship !
* What "Renewing of the Mind" means and how much you can MASTER and grow from learning that skill !
* Discovering and integrating new ways to communicate successfully and lovingly with your spouse or partner.
* Discovering the most significant values in an Everlasting Loving Relationship and how to integrate them into your own relationship to truly Experience the MASTERY of LOVE !
* How to create your life by design and Your Own Choices.
* How to live and MASTER a Life and a Loving Relationship of intention on target !

Graduates from Matthew's Mastery of Loving Program often stay in touch with him long after completing the program because they are so excited and grateful to share with him how their relationships have Improved, have become Stronger, more Fulfilling, more Loving, and just more Happy and Successful overall !

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